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A new blog ... visit OnCenter, Roger Pressman's running commentary on the world at large

A new edition ... the 7th edition of Software Engineering is available now

A new book ... Roger Pressman and David Lowe on Web Engineering

A first novel ... Roger Pressman's first novel is a technothriller -- The Aymara Bridge

A new curriculum! RSP&A has partnered with QAI to develop a comprehensive Internet-based software engineering curriculum.

A redesigned site! ... we've done a major redesign and added many new features for 2009 - 2010.

Software Engineering Resources

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R.S. Pressman & Associates, Inc. has assembled over 1800 software engineering resources to help you gather information on a variety of software engineering topics.

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RSP&A software engineering resources are organized within 6 major areas, 40 topics, and over 160 subtopics. To branch directly to a specific software engineering area, click below:
Available in trade paperback and e-book editions. For more information, click here.

A New Product ...

ESE goes digital! Our comprehensive video series, Essential Software Engineering (ESE), has been digitized and is now available in mp4 format. If you need comprehensive training in core software engineering concepts, please examine the ESE product description and contact us for further information.

Other New Books by Roger Pressman!

Web Engineering by Roger Pressman and David Lowe—a comprehensive discussion of the Web engineering process.
Software Engineering: A Practitioner's Approach, seventh edition by Roger Pressman—the next edition of the world's best selling software engineering textbook.

Roger Pressman has revised his first novel, a technothriller called The Aymara Bridge, and established a Kindle edition. To order it, click on the box below:

The Software Process

The Product (Software)
Generic Models
Prescriptive Process Models
Agile Process Models

Metrics - Process and Project

Metrics - Technical

Software Engineering Practice

A Generic View
System Engineering
Requirements Engineering

Analysis Modeling

Design Engineering
Architectural Design
Component-Level Design
User Interface Design

Pattern-Based Design

Web Engineering

Web Engineering Process

Formulation and Planning

Analysis Modeling for Web Applications

Design Modeling for Web Applications

Testing of Web Applications

Quality Management

Software Testing Strategies

Software Quality Assurance

Software Configuration Management

Formal Methods

Cleanroom Software Engineering

Managing Software Projects

Project Management Concepts

Estimation for Software Project

Software Project Scheduling

Risk Management

Software Project Scheduling

Maintenance and Reengineering

Advanced Topics in Software Engineering

Software Process Improvement

Component-Based Software Engineering

Computer Aided Software Engineering (Software Tools)

Future Directions

Glossary, Checklists, Templates, Process Model, Tiny Tools

Software Engineering Glossary (abbreviated)

Software Engineering Checklists

Software Engineering Documents
Software Engineering Periodicals
Software Engineering "Tiny Tools" that provide web-based solutions to software engineering problems

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