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Software Engineering Resources

System Engineering
Before software can be engineered, the 'system' in which it resides must be understood. To accomplish this, the overall objective of the system must be determined, the role of hardware, software, people, database, procedures, and other system elements must be identified, and operational requirements must be elicited, analyzed, specified, modeled, validated, and managed. It is these activities that are the foundation of system engineering. The following topic categories are presented:

Business Process Engineering

System Engineering Concepts

System Engineering Methods


Business Process Engineering and Reengineering

Business Process Engineering
A collection of papers on BPR and other relevant topics.

Business Process Hotlist
A comprehensive collection of links that address process engineering and process re-engineering.

BPR Papers and Articles
A useful source for information on business process reengineering (BPR).

Business Process Reengineering Tools
A reasonably comprehensive list of BPR tools prepared by the University of Toronto Department of Industrial Engineering.

Business Process Engineering Bibliography
A print bibliography prepared by OMG Business Process Trends.

Business-Process Engineering (BPE) and Business-Process Management (BPM)
Discusses the collaborative nature of IT development.

BPE checklist
A short checklist for projects.

System Engineering Concepts

System Engineering
A useful introduction to an interdisciplinary subject at Wikipedia.

What Is Systems Engineering?
An introduction to the systems engineering process.

System Engineering Fundamentals
The downloadable guide addresses topics that "include the systems engineering process; system analysis and control; and planning for, organizing, and managing systems. The guide provides a basic, conceptual-level description of SEM as it relates to the development and life cycle management of a system."

System Engineering Guidebook
An indepth guidebook developed by Federal Highway Administration and the California Department of Transportation. Provides five different "views" of the subject. Recommended.

FAA System Engineering Manual
Indepth coverage in downloadable form.

Video: MIT Computer System Engineering Course
This course covers topics on the engineering of computer software and hardware systems: techniques for controlling complexity; strong modularity using client-server design, virtual memory, and threads; networks; atomicity and coordination of parallel activities; recovery and reliability; privacy, security, and encryption; and impact of computer systems on society.

System Engineering Tutorial
A worthwhile Powerpoint tutorial on system engineering will be downloaded from this site.

Systems Engineering Standards and Models Compared (pdf)
Currently there are five systems engineering standards in various stages of release and three systems engineering capability models. This makes it difficult to know what to use as a basis for process improvement. This in-depth paper discusses the similarities and differences among the standards and models.

System Engineering Methods

System Analysis Resources
Contains a number of useful links.

Managing System Engineering Projects - 1
Comments on managing system/software engineering project along with a review of Tom Gilb's book on the subject.

Managing System Engineering Projects - 2
An worthwhile treatise that discusses techniques for managing large and complex systems projects.

Notes on Computer-Based Systems
A brief set of notes that address key aspects of computer-based systems.


The following books present the system engineering process (with a distinct engineering emphasis) and provide worthwhile guidance:

Process for Systems Architecture and Requirements Engineering
The Engineering Design of Systems: Models and Methods
Software Product-Line Engineering
System Engineering and Analysis
Introduction to Systems Engineering
Systems Engineering Guidebook
Model-Based Systems Engineering
Systems Engineering

System Engineering Management,
System Engineering Management discuss discuss system engineering management issues.

Enterprise Architecture and New Generation Systems presents information engineering and system architectures for “next generation” IT solutions including Internet-based systems.
Building Systems from Commercial Components addresses component-based systems engineering issues for information systems and products
Enterprise-Wide Software Solutions: Integration Strategies and Practices addresses the use of software packages as a solution that allows a company to migrate from legacy systems to modern business processes.
Elimination of Risk in Systems is a worthwhile discussion of risk and system engineering is presented by Bradley

The following books describe business process modeling methods for enterprise-wide information systems:

The Process: Business Process Modeling using BPMN
System Models for Business Process Improvement
Business Process Engineering: Reference Models for Industrial Enterprises
Information Engineering, 3 volumes
Information Modeling: An International Perspective
Workflow Modeling: Tools for Process Improvement and Application Development, 2nd Edition

The Information System Consultant's Handbook: Systems Analysis and Design presents encyclopedic coverage of system analysis and design issues in the information systems domain.
Software Requirements Engineering discusses the interrelationship between system and software-level requirements analysis issues.
Standards, Guidelines and Examples: System and Software Requirements Engineering presents a comprehensive discussion of standards and guidelines for analysis work.

Simulation Modeling and Analysis discusses system simulation and modeling techniques for a wide variety of application domains.

For those readers actively involved in systems work or interested in a more sophisticated treatment of the topic, Gerald Weinberg's books provide an excellent discussion of "general systems thinking" that implicitly leads to a general approach to system analysis and design:

An Introduction to General System Thinking
On the Design of Stable Systems
General Principles of Systems Design
Rethinking Systems Analysis and Design

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