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Software Engineering Resources

Project Scheduling
You've selected an appropriate process model, you've identified the software engineering tasks that have to be performed, you estimated the amount of work and the number of people, you know the deadline, you've even considered the risks. Now it's time to connect the dots. That is, you have to create a network of software engineering tasks that will enable you to get the job done on time. Once the network is created, you have to assign responsibility for each task, make sure it gets done, and adapt the network as risks become reality. In a nutshell, that's software project scheduling and tracking. The following topic categories are presented:

Scheduling Resources

Scheduling Tutorials, Papers and Articles

Scheduling Methods and Tools


Scheduling Resources

Earned Value Analysis (EVA) Resources
An excellent resource (including FAQ, papers, and hotlinks) for EVA are presented.

Scheduling Tutorials, Papers and Articles

Work Breakdown Structure
A brief paper of work breakdown structure uses a DOD system as an example.

The Difference between Macroscopic and Detailed Schedules
An article that addresses this issue.

The Dynamics of Software Project Scheduling
This article by Abdel-Hamid and Madnick can be downloaded from this site.

Painless Software Schedules
Step-by-step approach to building an Excel model for scheduling. Contain many useful scheduling tips. Recommended for those with no tools budget.

Earned Value Analysis (EVA)
A wide array of EVA resources can be obtained at this site.

Evidence Based Scheduling
Commentary and description of a viable scheduling approach. Recommended.

The Project Scheduling Problem (PSP)
A mathematical view.

pdf: The Dynamics of Software Project Scheduling
" ... the ability to estimate project resources, including the time resource, is still relatively

pdf: Software Project Scheduling under Uncertainties
"The paper presents a practical approach to modeling and visualizing event chains. The event chains methodology can contribute to reducing uncertainties in project scheduling through mitigation of philological biases and significant simplification of process of modeling, tracking, and analysis of project schedule."

pdf: Improving Resource Leveling In Agile Software Development Projects Through Agent-Based Approach
"The objective of Resource Leveler is to find a scheduling of resources similar to the optimal theoretical solution which takes into consideration all constraints stemming from the relationships between projects, activity calendars, resource calendars, resource allotment to the activities and resource availability."

A framework for investigating software project schedule behaviour
A downloadable paper that "describes an ongoing empirical investigation into software project schedule behaviour at a leading, international software development organisation." Material is dated but insight is timeless.

pdf: Using Microsoft Project Software to Validate Task Relationships in a Project Schedule
A brief "how-to" paper on the subject.

A Software Schedule Ain't Nothin' But a Piece of Paper

Video: Software Project Management in 15 Minutes
Concise and worthwhile with a sense of humor (7:36) in two parts.

Scheduling Methods and Tools

Scheduling Tools
A reasonably detailed list of schedule and progress measurement tools.

Project Control Panel
A project control panel that facilitates a project team's determination of the status of their project can be downloaded from this site.

Scheduling Tools
A list of commercially available tools.

Project Scheduling Software
Commercially available and free applications.

The Top 5 Project Schedule Software Options
Discusses five top scheduling tools.

Virtually every book written of software project management contains a discussion of scheduling. Among many offering are the following books:

Effective Project Management
Project Planning, Scheduling & Control, 4E
Software Project Management For Dummies
Project Management
9th edition
Software Project Management
Better Software Project Management: A Primer for Success
Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge
Effective Project Management
Project Planning Scheduling and Control
On Time Within Budget
Software Project Survival Guide
Software Project Cost and Schedule Estimating: Best Practices

Crunch Mode
is a book for all managers who "have 90 days to do a six month project."

Rapid Development
presents an excellent discussion of the issues that lead to overly optimistic software project scheduling and what you can do about it.
How to Run Successful Projects presents a step-by-step approach to project management that will help you to develop a realistic schedule for your projects.

A number of worhwhile books discuss the use of earned value techniques for project planning, tracking, and control in considerable detail:

Earned Value Project Management, third edition
A Practical Guide to Earned Value Project Management
Using Earned Value: A Project Manager's Guide br> Using Earned Value: A Project Manager's Guide

Earned Value Project Management

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