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Adaptable Process Model
Software Configuration Management

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The complete Adaptable Process Model (APM) is provided for informational purposes and for assessment by potential users. The APM is copyrighted material and may not be downloaded, copied, or extracted for use in actual project work. The full hypertext (html) version of the APM may be licensed for use and customization within your organization. Contact R.S. Pressman & Associates, Inc. for complete licensing information.

process software configuration management (SCM)

  • If SCM plan does not exist then
  • Task U.4.1 Select an appropriate set of SCM tasks;
  • U.4.1.1 Identify project SCIs and baselines;

    U.4.1.2 Define the project database (repository) and the tools required to manage it;

    U.4.1.3 Establish how the librarian function is to be accomplished;

    U.4.1.4 Define the change control process for the project;

    U.4.1.5 Identify change control authority (CCA) responsibility;

    U.4.1.6 Establish SCM documentation requirements;

    U.4.1.7 Define auditing and reporting requirements;

  • else skip

    end if


    subprocess: change control

  • event trigger: a change is requested that affects a baselined SCI

    U.4.2.1 Change request is completed and submitted;

    U.4.2.2 Evaluate change request:

    technical impact of requested change is documented;

    cost and schedule impact are noted;

    overall project risk is estimated;

    U.4.2.3 Generate Change Report;

    U.4.2.4 Change control authority (CCA) evaluates Change Report:

    if overall impact is unacceptable and risk is high then

  • change is not made:

    change request is denied;

    requester of change is notified;

  • else {overall impact is acceptable and risk is low}

  • U.4.2.5 engineering change order (ECO) is generated;

    change requirements are specified;

    technical specifications for change are noted;

    constraints are identified;

    validation requirements are defined;

    U.4.2.6 Queue the change for processing;

  • endif

    U.4.2.7 Make the change;

    individuals are assigned to configuration objects;

    configuration objects are "checked out;"

    change is initiated:

    APM software engineering tasks are applied;

    FTR: formal technical reviews are conducted;

    DPP: all documentation is updated;

    regression testing is conducted;

    SQA: change is audited by SQA

    modified SCIs are "checked in;"

    appropriate version of software is rebuilt;

    baseline for validation testing is established;

    final validation tests are performed;

    U.4.2.8: Review the change

    FTR: final review of documentation is conducted;

    SQA: final SQA checks are made;

    U.4.2.9 Release the change;

  • endsubprocess change control

    U.4.3 Record and report all changes;

    endprocess software configuration management (SCM)

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